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Columbus McKinnon Asia installs tire shredder for Osung Resources Co., Kore

United States / Korea – Columbus McKinnon Asia managed by Sales Mgr. Chris Aum of e & Resources of Korea recently completed the installation of a CM Dual Speed Tire Shredder, a stage one machine designed to process whole passenger, SUV and truck tires at a rate of 8-12 tons per hour.
This CM Dual Speed is configured to produce a two inch tire chip to be used as Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) and sold to a local cement plant in Daegu located on the Korean Peninsula.

Daegu is a large city with a population of over two and a half million people and Osung is planning to process 20,000 tons per year to support recycling efforts for this region.

Osungs’s President SU-UI Lee is already a pioneer in the waste plastic treatment field and is currently the President of the Waste Plastic Association in Korea. He currently employs more than 50 workers and now plans to acquire another factory to process end of life tires in another largely populated region and strives to be the top tire recycler for all of Korea.

CM has several installations currently in operation throughout Korea.

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