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Carbon black recovery expert buys into the US

Scandinavian Enviro Systems is to set up a holding company in the USA to help establish co-owned tyre recycling plants within the US market.

Last month, Enviro signed a deal with TreadCraft Carbon for a jointly owned plant for recycling of end-of-life tyres based on Enviro’s technology at Buffalo, New York.
Thomas Sörensson, ceo of Enviro says the company wants to become part-owner of plants in this way as it provides good revenue opportunities. ’However, becoming a partner places other requirements on company structures and it is from this perspective that the decision to establish a holding company in the US market should be seen,’ he adds.

Smart technology

A company statement said: ‘The decision to establish a holding company in the US is part of the process of creating the right conditions for final agreements and financing of the facility.’
Enviro’s technology for recycling of end-of-life vehicle tyres recovers oil, steel and carbon black. By using recycled carbon black instead of virgin carbon black in the production of new tyres and rubber details, the emissions of climate-impacting carbon dioxide can be greatly reduced, while the recycling of other incoming resources means further reduced environmental impact.

Lower emissions

The company quotes a life cycle analysis conducted by the Swedish Environmental Institute showing the use of recycled carbon black can result in 79–84% lower emissions of carbon dioxide compared to the production and use of virgin carbon black.
‘The ever-growing interest in sustainable technology and the increasingly decisive questions about how greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced means that there’s also an increasing interest for our unique technology in the tyre and rubber industry,’ says Sörensson.

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