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Australia has the answer to recycling bulky off-the-road tyres

Australia – The construction of the world’€™s first recycling plant for off-the-road tyres is close to becoming reality, according to the Australian companies Tytec Group and Green Distillation Technologies. They have jointly established Tytec Recycling and expect work on the plant in Perth to begin by February 2018.

The new recycling facility will rely on a ‘destructive distillation’ process to transform the large end-of-life tyres into oil, carbon and steel.

Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) estimates that every 3.5 tonne tyre will yield 1,500 litres of oil and 1.5 tonnes of carbon. This means that recycling benefits are ‘considerable’.

‘The Australian recycling potential for off-the-road tyres is a fraction of the world market,’ points out GDT’s chief operating officer Trevor Bayley.

Citing the company’s participation at the major event MinExpo in Las Vegas, he notes that enquiries came flooding in from mining companies in Mexico, Columbia and Chile as well as Canada, Brazil and America. Australia’s off-the-road tyres represents ‘the tip of the iceberg’ of what’s out there, Bayley stresses.

‘One individual South American mine operator we met has more dump trucks than all those operating in Western Australia today,’ he added. What such companies lack is an economic means to properly dispose of the tyres known to have a diameter of 4 metres if not more.

‘We believe that we can play a key role in helping to introduce this unique locally developed technology to the world,’ says Tytec Recycling chairman Brett Fennell. Tytec Logistics will be the one to transport the used mine tyres to the recycling site.

The firm currently serves over 75% of the Australian off-the-road tyres logistics market.

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