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Fraunhofer institute survey underlines ‘huge potential’ of recycling

Germany – Recycling activities by raw materials and environmental services provider ALBA Group prevented some 4.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions last year and conserved 36.2 million tonnes of primary resources thanks to its loop management system. These are the key findings of the tenth and latest survey conducted by Germany’s Fraunhofer UMSICHT.

The figure of 4.3 million tonnes ‘is equivalent to the average annual emissions of a city of 375 000 inhabitants such as Wuppertal or Bochum’, it is pointed out. Furthermore, the ALBA Group was able to conserve some 4.3 million tonnes of materials as a result of its business activities during the course of 2016.

‘In the run-up to the COP23 World Climate Conference in Bonn this November, highlighting the huge potential of recycling is of central importance,’ insists Dr Axel Schweitzer, chairman of the ALBA Group board.

‘Companies operating in the loop economy have the know-how and technologies to be able to complete more and more loops together with partners from the worlds of industry, retail, services and logistics – and to therefore reduce greenhouse gases and save resources on a straightforward and effective basis. If everyone pulls together, it will be possible to achieve the climate targets of the UN’

‘If taken to its logical outcome, the circular economy will ultimately lead to a radically changed economic model,’ adds Dr. Eng. Markus Hiebel, director of Fraunhofer UMSICHT’s department for sustainability and resources management.

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