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W-shaped rotor marks Vecoplan’s latest

Germany – Shredder manufacturer Vecoplan has released the V-ECO 1700 to suit various applications in the plastics recycling field.

The V-ECO 1700 is based around Vecoplan’s so-called VAZ-Technology. According to the manufacturer, it has ‘optimised the cutters and the counter knives’ and created a machine that delivers ‘a homogeneous particle structure combined with high throughput and less wear’. The cutters are usable four times and are ‘easy’ to change, it adds.

Vecoplan’s engineers have developed a new drive concept for shredding applications. ‘The frequency-controlled motor transfers the entire torque from the motor over a belt to the rotor,’ it explains. ‘The rotor design in a W-shape is the ideal set-up for shredding various kinds of plastic materials such as film, mixed plastics, containers, textiles and many more.’

According to the developer, the V-ECO 1700 is designed for companies that want to reuse their material coming out of the production process as well as for plastics recyclers focused on efficient shredding in the most economical way.

Contact details:

Vecoplan AG

Bad Marienberg, Germany

Phone: +49 2661 6267-376


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