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Towards the future of the scrap sector

Solutions designed by Italian firm Panizzolo are known to increase the quality of recovered metal scrap and efficiently close the materials loop.

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The metal recovery sector is constantly evolving. On the one hand, increasingly complex scrap is generated; on the other, the market requires increasingly refined products to be reintroduced into the production cycle. In between is Panizzolo Recycling Systems, a company that has been able to interpret the valorisation of waste containing metals, becoming a leader in the sector not only in Europe but around the world.

Constant Research & Development activity and 30 years of know-how are the guarantees of an extensive knowledge of the scrap market and an awareness of supply technologies that epitomise the concept of “time is money”. Thanks to its strengths and patented components, Panizzolo Recycling’s processes maximize production while reducing management and maintenance costs, thereby attaining full recovery of secondary raw materials for direct reintroduction into the economic cycle.

The in-house design team has developed modular and flexible systems that support upgrades of the production process through other accessories, as well as converting it for different types of scrap. Panizzolo’s customers continuously achieve optimal results in terms of output quality as well as processing times and costs thanks to high productivity, a significant reduction in energy costs and maximum yield of the processed materials.

Panizzolo’s strengths

  • Flexible plant: Panizzolo’s recycling solutions quickly adapt to different treatment needs, simplifying and speeding up the type and size of incoming waste. In addition, recycling solutions can always be combined with a wide range of accessories that the customer can implement at any time.
  • Low energy consumption: Thanks to their specific shredding logic, Panizzolo Recycling’s hammer mills maximise energy consumption gains and productivity rates. With kW used being equal, the company believes its machines can process a greater quantity of materials per hour than those of the main competitors on the market.
  • Output excellence: Panizzolo Recycling’s solutions include grinding, shredding, separation and granulation technologies for full recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Owing to the high-quality output, many customers are able to deliver the metals directly to foundries and steel mills.
  • Fast maintenance: Panizzolo’s technologies are designed to minimise production downtime and the number of operators involved. The simplicity of these operations requires only an essential number of maintenance technicians, without the need for particularly professional equipment. Periodic inspections and greasing operations are simple and intuitive, without needing to disassemble any parts of the machinery.
  • Structural solidity: The thickness of the machinery’s armour, steelwork, reinforcements and welds is aimed at guaranteeing integrity throughout its life-cycle and during very intensive treatment. Grinding stress is limited to interchangeable or consumable components, without affecting the structure of the hammer mill.

In Bulgaria last year, Panizzolo worked with a European-scale demolition company which wanted a plant dedicated to the sorting of construction-site scrap. Panizzolo provided the entire cycle: shredding, grinding, separation and refining, up to the end-of-waste.

Together with the mill, Panizzolo also supplies accessories and whatever else is required to make up the entire recycling solution: belts, soundproof booths, metal separation systems, screens, zigzags, densimetric tables, and more besides, are made in-house.

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