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Stark reduces waste volume with robust HSM presses

Gottfried and Reinhard Stark.

Austrian firm Stark GmbH, run by the brothers Gottfried and Reinhard Stark, has evolved from a waste disposal company into a hub for secondary raw materials in the last few years.

Stark operates a 30 000m² recycling plant in the city of Irnfritz, where it collects, sorts and treats a variety of scrap materials, mostly paper & board and metals. The recycler has been certified since 2004 for both ISO 9001 (quality management) as well as ISO 14001 (environmental management).

To reduce the volume of paper and cardboard, Stark used a mobile baling press for many years. However, this machine could no longer cope with the company’s growth and the increasing waste stream. Seeing as quality was a cornerstone for the recycler from the very beginning, it was also the major factor when upgrading the recycling equipment.

Stark realised the new baling press should be easy to operate, state-of-the-art and the costs– including the running costs – had to be transparent. Just as important: an optimised service network, which – should the need ever arise – could provide fast and reliable support.

At the end of the decision process, there were five suppliers on the short list. The recycler decided to go with HSM, citing its professional advice, quick reaction time as well as good chemistry with the team. Not least, since certain wearing parts of the new HSM VK 7215 channel baling press are made of Hardox, Stark can count on significantly lower maintenance costs.

HSM points out that new system will be able to operate reliably for 20 years. Stark underlines its decision is based on acquiring the best recycling solution rather than the cheapest one.

The new HSM VK 7215 channel baling press is said to be ‘perfect’ for professional waste management companies thanks to its high throughput. In addition to the robust construction, the fully cardanic press cylinder mounting means there is reduced wear on the press cylinder and the plate guides.

Stark now benefits from a versatile solution for material with a bulk weight of up to about 60 kg/m³. The machine operators can control the pressing process conveniently and safely via a light barrier. Thanks to the frequency controlled drive, energy is saved whilst the performance remains the same. ‘The HSM channel baling press therefore does a great job all-round,’ the tech provider says.

Reinhard Stark compliments the ‘strong service’ delivered by the HSM team. ‘We were always kept up to date and informed in a timely fashion if there was a delay regarding an appointment. During the installation, the skilled technicians took time to answer all our questions in great detail,’ the recycler notes. ‘If we ever have a problem, we know that the communication and support will be just as reliable and smooth.’

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