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POWER-S system for all types of scrap

Global – Major scrap machinery manufacturer Danieli Henschel has brought more new technology through to market with its POWER-S system, developed for the company’s heavy-duty CIB shear range with cutting strengths ranging from 800 to 1600 tonnes. Users will ‘benefit from a single machine capable of treating and densifying all of the types of metal scrap present on the market: mixed or block scrap, and either heavy and thick, or voluminous’, the company claims.

The POWER-S system is installed on the lateral reducer of the pre-compression box to process heterogeneous metal scrap during treatment and densify it ‘to the maximum’. This innovation is based on a more versatile use of the lateral reducer activated by very high-capacity hydraulic jacks, authorising either a parallel movement or an adjustable angle movement.

The main strength of the POWER-S system lies in its ‘versatile management of the movements of the lateral reducer and the lid, which can be both automatic (entirely automated working cycle) or manual, using a radio-controlled device or a control booth’.

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