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Vecoplan to deliver plastics-to-fuel line at new US facility

US firm Brightmark Energy has commissioned a plastics-to-fuel plant in Ashley, Indiana, that will run on a system developed by recycling technology provider Vecoplan.

Work on Brightmark Energy’s new facility starts shortly and it is due to be operational by mid-2020. The plastics-to-fuel plant will produce more than 68 million litres of ultra-low-sulfur diesel and naphtha blend products, as well as 27 million litres of commercial-grade wax each year. Feedstock will include over 90 000 tonnes of mixed plastic scrap per year sourced from local communities and businesses.

Key elements of the system include a Vecoplan VAZ 2000 MFTV pre-shredder, to achieve a homogenous aggregate size, induction and optical sorting and removal of unacceptable contaminates, and a Vecoplan VEZ 2500T re-shredder for final sizing of the feedstock.  Additional system components include material drying, pelletising, and handling.

The best fit

‘Prior to undergoing the conversion process, Vecoplan’s integrated mechanical systems technologies will formulate commingled waste to meet the plant’s strict feedstock requirements. This includes many steps proven from our past experience in the waste conversion industry,’ says Vecoplan managing director Bob Gilmore.

Jay Schabel, president of Brightmark Energy’s plastics division, says, ‘We entrusted Vecoplan with our first-of-its-kind facility after an extensive review of the material processing technologies available on the market. Their proven turn-key solution is the best fit for our operational requirements.’

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