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MTB’s solutions turn waste into gold

Innovation is in the DNA of the French recycling company MTB. Both as an operator of a complex industrial scrap recycling site and the manufacturer of shredding and sorting equipment, MTB has turned its awareness of environmental issues into a real strength and a source of creativity.

From the diversification of waste processing on the existing site to the support of manufacturers for the development of recycling channels, the daily life of the MTB team is full.  Over the last three years, the company has not only developed its catalogue of machines but has also actively participated in numerous European collaborative projects, particularly on the subject of recycling lithium-ion batteries and production waste.

Did you know MTB is an expert on the recycling of electrical cables? It is most definitely a multi-skilled manufacturer-operator. It is involved currently in no fewer than 15 machine development projects covering a wide variety of applications: SRF, CIW, batteries, ASR, cars, composites, etc.

MTB’s most recent significant product examples include:

  • The RSX 2300

The high-performance twin rotor pre-shredder reduces waste at high rates. Designed to handle the largest volumes while maintaining low energy consumption compared to the traditional hydraulic drive.

  • The BVR1200

The BVR1200 battery shredder is a new, energy efficient and fully sealed shredder designed to safely reduce all types of batteries.

  • The BAM

The BAM is an MTB innovation that separates brittle and abrasive contaminants from waste and prepares the product for grinding in our granulators while ensuring limited wear of the knives.

  • Dry cell box: A unique recycling box for battery production scrap. This range of containerised lines is growing.

The latest innovation

A platform for monitoring MTB equipment is the MyMTB solution. Rémy Tixier, MTB automation manager explains: ‘MyMTB is a control and management interface for all our equipment, available on all connected devices. The machine fleet is thus constantly monitored and analysed thanks to a high-performance sensor system. Real-time processing allows for a high level of reactivity. MyMTB is the guarantee of better performance.’

Tixier adds that, on top of the technical data collected, the system generates predictive maintenance alerts. ‘An intelligent tool that immediately proposes a list of corrective actions to be taken. MyMTB is an additional bit of reassurance and maintainability for MTB equipment. Customer tests are ongoing and the general comment is that it is comfortable, efficient and reassuring.’

Going above and beyond

Are you particularly concerned by the increasing scarcity of raw materials, supply difficulties and the absolute need to recycle in the best operational conditions? MTB is seeking to equip its customers with the best sorting solutions to recover a growing proportion of material.

The aim is to reduce the proportion of residual waste and supply the industry with very high-quality secondary material. This is an economically relevant benefit for everyone and a sustainable solution for the future of the planet.

Not yet convinced by MTB solutions? Then hear about the customer support. All over the world, MTB technical experts are experienced in the problems of operating a recycling site. Whether it’s a project, an installation, a breakdown service, a need for spare parts or a renewal of the machine fleet, an MTB expert is at your side.

Contact one of those experts:

MTB Manufacturing

Parc d’Activités des Balmes Dauphinoises

3553, route de Chamont

38890 Saint-Chef


[email protected]

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MTB’s solutions turn waste into gold
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