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MSS optical sorting targets small particles

USA – US optical sorting equipment manufacturer MSS has introduced a new high-resolution colour camera sorting system for small particle applications.

According to the company, the L-VIS is designed for colour sorting applications such as shredded electronic scrap to extract high-value commodities.
The system is designed to provide a separation accuracy of up to 98% and is available with a proprietary shape identification software algorithm specifically designed for sorting wires.
The L-VIS is also capable of automatically sorting plastic granulates, pellets and flakes by colour.
According to MSS, the system can accurately identify even the smallest particles and sort using a corresponding high-resolution air-jet array. ‘€˜The L-VIS allows us to sort smaller and smaller particles,’€™ explains MSS’€™ Sales Director Felix Hottenstein. An all-metal detector for ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel can be added for further sorting applications.
The L-VIS can be configured by the operator via a touch-screen interface and comes in 800 mm, 1200 mm and 1600 mm versions.

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