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Idromec’s Triple Baler IHD 3C

The world of scrap metal processing machines boasts a variety of solutions, designed for various types of materials, for multiple applications and to meet the different needs of the end users.

Among the latter, there are companies such as those specialised in automotive body parts casting, aluminium and stainless steel factories or metal foundries that have to press huge amounts of high-value scrap. The needs of such companies cannot be met by the ordinary presses available on the market.

They need a powerful, fast, heavy-duty, indestructible baler: the IHD 3C.

Idromec IHD 3C is a triple baler designed to make extremely high-density bales. For this reason, it is equipped with 3 powerful cylinders and a very sturdy structure to work smoothly for years and years. IHD 3C boasts great benefits for its customers, covering all the main areas of its activity, as we will see in detail below.

Production: The great energy and hydraulic efficiency make the IHD 3C baler a high-output machine, which translates into a maximum hourly output of approx. 40t/hour, obtained by running approximately 45 work cycles per hour. The production manager can monitor the output of his baler from PC, tablet or smartphone in real time, and he can also save and print statistics related to timeframes of his choice.

Logistics: The first concern of the logistics and transport department is to reduce the enormous volumes of used surplus material that clutters the floor space, and also the cost-effective transportation of the same to its final destination. The bale size of 50x50cm and its density of up to 3 t/m3 make the work of this department much easier and profitable.

Maintenance: This department is, without a doubt, most under pressure, because it has the task of preventing malfunctions and maintaining the machinery at its maximum efficiency at all times.

Idromec has considered this, by taking the following measures:

  • The innovative technology used on IHD 3C allows our customers to take advantage of the opportunity provided by some national incentive plans for technological innovations, where applicable. For example, in Italy, the national plan “Industria 4.0” provides an additional amortisation up to 270% of the value of the machinery.

Idromec Spa was founded in 1969 by the partner company Tabarelli Spa, manufacturer of wheeled loaders since 1949.

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