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Idromec spa: more than 50 years of constant innovation

Idromec spa was founded in 1969 as an extension of Tabarelli spa and specialises in the design and manufacture of balers for processing scrap iron. The company is headquartered in the north east of Italy, an area very rich in know-how in the field of mechanics and hydraulics.

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In 1975, Idromec patented an innovative compaction system, equipped with a fixed ‘L-shaped’ structure and two lids that move by means of a hydraulic system. One of the lids is curved, which is an innovative feature that allows the loading of a large volume of scrap and its compression in a relatively short period of time.

In its 50-plus years, Idromec has developed an enormous range of shear-balers, with cutting forces extending from 350 to 1400 tons and charging box lengths from 5 to 10 metres. In addition, the company has developed models employing the traditional side-squeeze compaction system suitable for processing scrap of large size and thicknesses, with models ranging from 800 to 1400 tons of cutting force.

3000 machines worldwide

Through its sales and maintenance network, Idromec has sold, installed and serviced around 3000 machines worldwide, mainly in Europe and the USA.

Proximity to the final customer has enabled Idromec to understand and resolve various problems in the scrap sector and to create new technical solutions aimed at, for example, reducing the time and cost of transportation and installation, energy consumption and maintenance.

Traditionally, the shear-baler is a static machine installed on reinforced concrete foundations; however, there is often a need for greater flexibility. In response, Idromec has created the only semi-mobile version that can be easily transported from one scrap yard to another, while at the same time operating in a stable manner as a stationary shear, without the need to disassemble or reassemble any part of the machinery or for it to be fixed to the ground in any way.

Top-tier partners

To ensure consistent quality over time and also control of processing, Idromec uses world-renowned brands such as Rexroth and Parker for hydraulics, Siemens for electronics and electric motors, Hardox for wear parts and Cummins for diesel engines. Mechanical processing is carried out mainly within Idromec and, where subcontractors are involved, they are all located near to the site so that process control is constant.

Among its competitors, Idromec boasts the richest spare parts warehouse – and not only for the parts that are best sellers or new. It is not uncommon for customers with machines over 30 years old to still find spare parts available. This is possible thanks not only to huge investment but also to logical management whereby the company looks to standardise as many parts as possible in the development phase of new models.

New models

The latest Idromec masterpieces are the IHD3C 3 compression baler and the T1400SL shear-baler. The first of these weighs in at approximately 160 tons and is equipped with three compression cylinders, the third of which can press with 600 tons of force.

The section of the pack is 50×50 cm, density is 3 tons per cubic metre and output is up to 40 tons per hour. Weighing approximately 350 tons, the T1400SL shear-baler offers a cutting force of 1400 tons and is designed to process the heaviest and most difficult scrap.

The Idromec range is completed by a series of balers for processing car bodies, iron scrap, aluminium, various metals and even non-metallic waste, producing bales tied by steel wire. Finally, a tested and loyal network of dealers, agents and service centres provide Idromec with a successful presence in the main European and extra-European markets.

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