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Maximise your profit on secondary scrap with Steinert’s industry leading steel sorting and metal purification solutions. Get a sneak peek at Steinert’s latest sorting and purification innovations during the ISRI2022 Convention in Las Vegas, 21- 24 March.

As global regulations on recycling become more stringent and volatile global market conditions become more competitive, trading mixed scrap and secondary metals is increasingly challenging for the recycling industry. Savvy industry professionals realise that achieving higher recovery rates and better scrap quality is the difference between profit and loss for their metal recovery operations. 

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Our innovative magnetic and sensor-based sorting solutions deliver high sorting depths on auto-shredder-residue (ASR) and incineration bottom ash (IBA). This results in more effective metal recycling and yields pure, clean metals of the highest quality. 

Our X-ray transmission technology meticulously separates heavy from light metals for aluminium refinement and our X-ray fluorescence technology refines non-ferrous heavy metals into furnace-ready copper, brass and zinc.

Hidden value in steel scrap

Steinert’s new Steel Recycling Solution Guide provides important insights about one of the hottest topics at ISRI2022.

The steel recycling industry is demanding higher quality and increased purity while industry professionals are looking for sorting solutions that help them not only meet but exceed these exacting standards. Steinert’s technologies reveal the maximum value of your ferrous scrap streams and avoid potential steel mill penalties with Steinert’s superior sorting solutions.

Steinert’s new Solution Guide sums up valuable learnings and insights about cleaning steel scrap, with specific sections detailing:

  • Recovery and purification of ferrous scrap from shredder scrap
  • Cleaning of heavy melting scrap HMS (E1/3) from shear scrap processing 
  • Recovery and upgrade of ferrous products from e-scrap or lighter mixed scrap materials

Using recovered steel scrap in new steel production decreases costs, increases profitability and preserves natural resources. By recycling steel, rather than mining new material, scarce raw materials are preserved, energy is saved, and the environment is spared considerable carbon dioxide emissions and other waste products. 

It’s a win-win. Companies can increase profitability while doing their best to be good stewards of the environment. For every tonne of steel scrap that is used instead of primary raw materials in steel production, 1.67 tonnes of ore and 0.5 tonnes of energy resources (coal, coke, heavy fuel) do not need to be mined, transported long distances, refined or consumed. Think of all the time, labour and materials that can be saved with more efficient secondary metal recovery. By working together, we can optimise your processes for greater productivity and a healthier planet. 

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