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‘Bulletproof’ solution to container theft

Belgium – In light of the recent surge in metal thefts around the world, Belgian telematics and security specialist Kassandra has created the b.Alert container system. The battery-driven monitoring unit operates with complete autonomy and is said to offer ‘bulletproof’ protection against illegal interference of any kind.

The system is easily installed, with the security unit fixed on both the inside and the outside of the container by means of magnets, glue or screws; it includes antennas that can be drawn in to ensure concealment from outside parties. The GPS module comprises track-and-trace services which are programmed to give a daily update on the position of the container. ‘If it is suspected that the container or the assets inside it are likely to be stolen, the transmission interval can be increased so that illegal shipments can be intercepted,’ remarks Kassandra.

As soon as anyone attempts to damage or actually break open the container, b.Alert’s motion sensors instantly pass on a warning to the owner via e-mail and text message. A similar warning is issued if the container’s battery suddenly fails – for example, due to tampering – or if the container is noted to leave its individually designated zone.

Even if a container disappears off the grid, Kassandra says the system’s ‘hot tracking’ feature gives its owner a minute-to-minute update on its location.

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