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BlakerTech: Customised metal recycling solutions that improve profitability

UK manufacturer, BlakerTech, hand-builds metal recycling systems that efficiently and reliably recover non-ferrous fragments from mixed materials for metal recycling and processing plants.

Designed to be robust and simple to operate, with no complicated technology to go wrong, the MagThro eddy current system and SandFlo fluidised-bed separator have been tried, tested and are currently being used in demanding industrial environments worldwide.

Finding the perfect fit

Avoiding the ‘one size fits all’ approach, BlakerTech prides itself on one to one customer service where a bespoke design is often the best solution. Long-standing client, London Mining Recycling Association (LMA), selected BlakerTech to design, build and install a fully customised twin cascade MagThro eddy current system to withstand long operating hours and sort high volumes of non-ferrous metals at their Aylesford processing plant.

How LMA’s MagThro system works

Mixed materials are fed into a 20 cubic metre hopper that spills/splits down through the hopper onto twin chain conveyors which then feeds the material onto trough conveyors. These take the material up to two cascade eddy current separators. The materials are first fed onto a vibrating feeder tray which spreads the material ready to pass over a 10-pole drum magnet. The magnet separates the ferrous materials into a separate discharge chute. The remaining non-ferrous materials are passed onto a second vibrating feeder tray and then onto the eddy current separator.

Image shows the MagThro double cascade system

Read more about LMA’s MagThro system

Typical MagThro specification:

  • Made from high-grade components
  • Fitted with up to 12 pole magnet shafts
  • Neodymium rare earth magnets generate a strong magnetic force to efficiently separate non-ferrous metals from other non-ferrous mixed materials
  • A fully-adjustable eccentric rotor is set up to maximise the magnetic force to increase recovery rates
  • Options of a two or three-way splitter to suit client requirements
  • Robust framework allows walkways to be attached and hinged panels enable quick access for routine maintenance
  • A range of belt widths include 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500mm
  • Main belt is fully adjustable and can be replaced without disturbing the ECS rotor
  • BlakerTech holds a full stock of accessories: rotors, drums, hoppers, shakers, splitters, conveyors, drum magnets and eddy currents
  • An environmentally-friendly, dry process with no contaminated effluent to treat

SandFlo – uses aerated sand to separate non-ferrous metals

Low-cost to run, quick and efficient at separating, the SandFlo sorts secondary metals and minerals according to their density. The system is a fluidised bed-separator, ideal for the recovery of aluminium, away from the zinc, copper, brass fractions from mixed non-ferrous metals in busy processing plants.

SandFlo specification:

  • Cost-effective, high recovery performance
  • An environmentally-friendly, dry process with no contaminated effluent to treat
  • A proven commercial solution for upgrading non-ferrous fragmented scrap
  • Sand can be cleaned and reused
  • Requiring a single operator, the SandFlo can recover 2 – 2.5 tonnes of material per hour
  • By saving costs on manual pickers, SandFlo typically pays for itself within 18 months

BlakerTech has sold SandFlo systems to customers in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Japan and Romania.

The MagThro and SandFlo are handmade in the UK at BlakerTech’s manufacturing facility in the South East of England. As part of their service they also offer full installation, training and support.

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