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Where is the plastics roller coaster taking us?

Scrap art by Singaporean artist Tan Zi Xi.

‘The global plastic packaging industry has been expanding at a rapid pace. It is expected to reach US$ 375 billion by 2020,’ report analysts at Transparency Market Research. This provides a lot of scope for recycling.

Nations across the world are stepping up their game when it comes to plastics recycling. In fact, the worldwide plastics recycling sector is expected to witness 6.8% growth by 2027. Recycling International will therefore publish a dedicated plastics special at the end of the year.

The coverage will include anything from major R&D breakthroughs, how to overcome challenging materials and the rise of new technologies & equipment to big investments, best practice stories and recent industry trends.

And, of course, we will ask recycling specialists how Covid-19 has impacted the potential of plastics recycling. Will the sector be able to make a fast recovery? Which countries and companies are leading the way? What is the outlook for 2021 and beyond?

Stay tuned and find out.

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