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Wal-Mart looks to boost recycled plastic packaging

United States – Wal-Mart wants to increase the use of post-consumer recycled plastic in packaging by 1.3 million tonnes by 2020, it confirmed at the Plastics Recycling Conference held last week in Orlando.

The US retail giant is studying current post-consumer recycled content in packaging to determine what it now uses. But not having a number does not stop the company from ‘establishing a goal’, it said.

The cost and volatility of commodity packaging materials are key drivers for the company to seek to introduce more recycled content. ‘Sustainability, for us, is not a philanthropic endeavour,’ commented Wal-Mart’s director of product sustainability Rob Kaplan. ‘It is about driving our business and creating value in our supply chain for our suppliers, our partners and our customers.’

Source: Plastics News

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