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UK plastics scrap exports show recovery

United Kingdom – With China’s Operation Green Fence still in place, latest figures from the UK Environment Agency suggest alternative markets are emerging for plastics scrap exports.

The data show that June was the strongest month in the second quarter for UK exports of secondary plastics, with 38 096 tons shipped overseas for reprocessing; the total represents an increase of 9300 tons over May and 11 600 tons over April.

The statistics are seen as the most encouraging sign to date that buyers elsewhere are helping to ease the impact of China’s crackdown on plastic scrap imports.

UK exports reached an alarming low in March when only 21 056 tons was shipped overseas, partly due to China’s restrictions. Ian Andrews, senior market trader at The Environment Exchange, attributes rebounding plastic export numbers to the development of markets in India and Indonesia.

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Source: Resource Recycling

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