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UK plastic bottle collection grows to 45%

United Kingdom – Preliminary findings from the 2010 UK Household Plastics Packaging Collection Survey, commissioned and researched by Recoup, show an encouraging increase in the bottle recycling rate with 45% of plastic bottles in the UK now being collected for recycling, a 6% increase vs. the 2009 survey.
The information gathered from waste collection authorities and unitary authorities demonstrated that over 260k tonnes of plastic bottles were collected in 2009, with a high increase in material collected through kerbside systems, to over 215k tonnes.

The report also indicates that 84 local authorities are reported to be actively collecting non-bottle plastics for recycling (mixed plastics), with over 40k tonnes collected in 2009.

Commenting on the results so far, Marcel Arsand of Recoup said “These represent the initial headlines from the 2010 survey. We are encouraged that there appears to be positive and steady progress in the UK, a reflection of the good work of all those involved across the local authority and Waste Management sectors, and of the course the consumers who are recognising the importance of recycling and playing their part.”

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