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uBin scoops EPRO Award

Paris – Green Warehouse’s uBin bested the other innovative products that were entered for this year’s EPRO Award.

The UK start-up company was hailed the winner at the late-November Identiplast conference, which took place in the French capital Paris. Delegates favoured the sleek recycling bin made from 100% post-consumer polypropylene over Vintlit’s decorative construction facades as well as Wellman International’s fully-recycled fibre line Eco-core.

This year’s ”Best Recycled Product” is made from discarded plastic trays, lids and tubs and can be completely recycled. The uBin was released on to the market in 2012 and has been used in various locations such as office buildings, hospitals and schools.

‘I never expected that we would win the competition to be honest, considering we were up against some fairly big internationally-focused companies,’ commented William Hayes, Green Warehouse’s founder and the creator of the uBin. Conceding that the UK has ‘some work to do’ to improve its plastics recycling performance, he added: ‘Hopefully, the uBin will contribute to that.’

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