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The Plastics Special: our tribute to a multi-billion industry

The global plastics recycling sector was worth over US$25 billion last year, new market data has revealed. This multi-billion industry is quickly growing, with no signs of slowing down. Recycling International will provide a detailed update of best practices and innovative technologies in a special edition magazine 100% dedicated to plastics recycling.

It’s virtually impossible not to encounter any plastic products on a day to day basis. Whether you are in the waste management or not, plastics – and especially plastic waste – has become part of our lives. Packaging and electronics recyclers are handling more plastics than ever before.

Market analysts believe the end is not yet in sight; the worldwide plastics recycling industry will reach almost US$ 34 billion by 2024. This reresents roughly 6% compound annual growth in the next four years, Market Insights Reports has reported.

Listing the many cutting-edge plastics recycling projects being launched all over the world would take days if not weeks. Just thinking about the latest sorting methods for black plastics could send you into a tailspin.

Now what?

This August, Recycling International is launching a dedicated plastics recycling special that will outline the most important developments in this ever-changing industry. The Plastics Special will feature interviews with global recycling leaders as well as hands-on experiences from tech companies and veterans in the waste management arena.

Why is it time for a plastics special? Let’s face it: in a world driven by optimised processes, it is easy to focus on issues rather than solutions. But one thing is for sure – so much is possible in the recycling industry. We hope that shining a spotlight on the booming plastics industry will inspire more people to join the conversation and help open up a new chapter for plastics recycling.

Stay tuned for more details or contact us directly!

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