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The making of ‘truly clean’ cleaning products

The Netherlands – What do cleaning products and recycling have in common? Not much, you might say. Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Belt has sought to change this by launching the country’€™s first 100% recycled bottles for his Marcel’€™s Green Soap range. The first batch of this ‘€˜cleaning brand with a mission’€™ has been shipped in high-density polyethylene bottles from its factory in Utrecht.

Every week, up to 4 million cleaning agent bottles are discarded across the Netherlands. In the same seven-day span, an average of 150 000 kg of virgin plastics is produced for these products.

‘Basically, cleaning products aren’t really that clean, if at all,’ Belt argues. ‘They are made at a great cost to our resources and the environment.’ Having asserted that ‘plastics recycling is the future’, he asks people to imagine a world in which ‘all 4 million bottles we lose every week are reused’. Belt regards his efforts as a means of helping his country to take ‘the first step in the right direction’.

Dutch consumers can now purchase hand soap, a multi-purpose cleaner as well as dishwashing detergent packed in fully-recycled bottles. The plastics used for the new range are sourced from the municipal waste stream in the Netherlands following a rigorous sorting process.

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