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The ‘Kiss of Death’ movement against microplastics

Global – Whereas it was previously thought that micro plastics only occur in scrubs, toothpaste and nail polish, a new study reveals that even lipstick, mascara and deodorants are full of these little plastic particles.

At least 67 different types of micro plastics are used in cosmetic products manufactured by big multinationals, according to the United Nations Environmental Program and the Plastic Soup Foundation.

They urge it is pretty much impossible for consumers to by plastics-free beauty products.

An ‘alarming fact’ is that cosmetics companies put much more “microbeads” in their products than was originally believed. As a result, up to 100 000 plastic beads are washed into the sea following a single shower.

This news sparked the ‘Kiss of Death’ campaign on Twitter yesterday; spreading a picture of a lipstick print with the warning ‘looks can kill’ – which put a different spin on Valentine’s Day. Within 2 hours, it had already been shared by 100 000 people.

The Plastic Soup Foundation has contacted leading brands like Maybelline, Clinique, Rimmel and MAC Cosmetics hoping to enforce a full-on ban on microplastics.

‘Products that people use every day still contain micro plastics. That is not a healthy situation. Because who wants plastic on their lips that get into your body, or rubs off on your loved ones?’ comments Mary Westerbos, director of the Plastic Soup Foundation. ‘Consumers have a right to clarity and protection. And the message is simple: no plastics in cosmetics!’

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