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Tapping Europe’s ‘considerable’ plastics deposits

France – Suez Environnement has signed an agreement with research firm Carbios to find new ways of recycling Europe’€™s plastic waste.

The former will provide the latter, a specialist in plastic scrap recovery and biopolymers production, with a range of scrap from various locations via its subsidiary SITA France. Carbios will then explore compositions in order to ‘enrich its range of biological tools’ and expand the potential of plastic waste recovery. After validating the processing efficiency of the new bioprocesses, Carbios will implement the most effective in degrading plastic waste and collecting the polymer.

The French partners admit that they are facing a great challenge given that only around a quarter of Europe’s annual plastics waste volume of 25 million tonnes is destined for materials recycling. However, they stress that there is also a ‘considerable deposit of untapped renewable resources’.

Carbios’ ceo Jean-Claude Lumaret comments: ‘The combination of our expertise will accelerate the implementation of effective industrial solutions to the major environmental challenge posed by end-of-life plastic and provide an answer to this question: how can we recover and recycle more plastic with as little environmental impact as possible?’

As a believer in innovation, Suez Environnement is eager to work with young and promising companies like Carbios, says Paul-Joël Derian, Suez’s deputy director of innovation and industrial performance. He goes on to express confidence in the prospects for the refined enzymatic processes.

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