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Taiwanese to open PET facility in the USA

Asia – The Boretech Group of Taiwan, which specialises in plastic bottle recycling, is to open a new plant in the USA. Start-up at the facility in Stockton, California, is scheduled for the end of September.

When in full operation, the plant will have the capacity to process 4.5 tonnes of PET per hour. The facility will collect from around the state of California and, after grinding, will market the flakes to consumers for use in various polyester products. In addition, the facility will manufacture equipment for the plastics recycling industry, Boretech notes.

Figures issued by the National Association for PET Container Resources in the USA show PET recycling has increased by 53% over the past 12 years. Packaging industry research association Smithers Pira forecasts that the global PET packaging market will grow to US$ 60 billion by 2019.

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