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Sustainability ‘at the core’ of MBA Polymers’ business

United Kingdom – Plastics recycler MBA Polymers has won the ‘Best SME’ prize at this year’s Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards held recently in London.

The award is intended to recognise companies with fewer than 250 employees that innovated in 2013 by creating products or services with a definite social or environmental gain, reinforced by a watertight business case. Commenting on MBA Polymers′ achievements, the judges agreed that sustainability is ′at the core′ of the business and that its ′commitment to sustainability is impressive′.

According to the company, making recycled plastic uses only 20% of the energy required to make plastic from virgin sources. ′We are helping some of the world′s leading companies to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, cut waste and conserve natural resources,′ it explains. ′We use high-tech, proprietary technology to separate plastic polymers from post-consumer plastic waste, breathing new life into material that would otherwise go to landfill.′

MBA Polymers also confirms receipt of a multi-million Euro cash injection earlier this year which it is using to boost business, including a 40% capacity expansion at the its UK plant in Worksop.

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