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Study proves green potential of recycled polyamide

France – A life-cycle assessment jointly led by Solvay’€™s nylon producer Rhodia, French car manufacturer Peugeot and leading car component supplier Valeo has underlined that use of recycled polyamide in automotive applications carries a significant environmental benefit.

The multi-criteria analysis focused on the entire life-cycle of the fan and shroud assembly, a vital engine cooling component on the new Peugeot 208 model; the part is produced by Valeo, based on recycled Technyl® polyamide from Rhodia Engineering Plastics.

The study took into account the whole value chain, emphasising seven key factors ranging from the depletion of non-renewable resources to acidification and eutrophication.

According to the nylon specialist, the results confirm that use of recycled polyamide reduces the overall environmental impact of the component. Rhodia explains: ‘Using recycled polyamide averts the generation of greenhouse gases equivalent to that produced by 400 000 cars or photochemical oxidation (responsible for ozone peaks) comparable to that made by 2 200 000 vehicles all travelling around Paris’ ring-road.’

Given that, on average, 20% of a vehicle comprises 150 to 250 kg of plastic parts, ‘these significant results validate the importance of the right choice of technically high-performing recycled materials for better auto eco-design,’ comments Louis David, Peugeot’s Assistant Director of Paint, Materials and Process.

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