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Sportswear brand Puma recycles 1.9 million bottles

UK recycling firm First Mile is collaborating with Puma to launch a new sportswear collection which consists of recycled plastics.

The co-branded collection includes sports shoes, t-shirts, shorts, jackets and leggings. All pieces contain recycled yarn that is manufactured using recycled plastic bottles collected in Taiwan, Honduras, Haiti, and other countries.

Puma and First Mile say their main priority is supporting small economies around the globe by creating sustainable jobs while reducing pollution. First, all collected plastic bottles are sorted, after which they are cleaned and shredded and transformed into plastic yarn to create high-quality products.

Together, the two companies were able to divert 40 tonnes of plastic waste from landfills and oceans, just for the products made for 2020. This translates into 1.9 million plastic bottles being reused, estimates Stefan Seidel, Puma’s corporate sustainability specialist.

‘All the apparel is made of at least 83% to even 100% from the sustainable yarn processed by First Mile,’ he comments. Footwear is made with an average of 50% recycled plastic. Even so, Siedel stresses that the social impact is an integral part of the joint-venture.

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