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Resource efficiency focus for new plastics packaging group

Europe – Industry body PlasticsEurope has created a new working group – the Plastics Packaging Circular Economy Group – whose objective will be to ‘maximise the fullest potential’ of plastics in delivering superior resource efficiency gains within the circular economy.

According to PlasticsEurope, it is important to strengthen engagement with all actors within the supply chain and to work ‘in a more holistic way’. It adds: ‘This will enable us to deliver innovation that further increases the resource efficiency of plastics and ensure their recovery at the end of their useful life. At the same time, it should prevent the leakage of any waste into the environment.’

‘Life-cycle thinking is at the heart of our actions,’ comments PlasticsEurope’s executive director Karl-Heinz Foerster. ‘The circular economy proposals should also aim to bring environmental benefits over the product’s full life-cycle; it is only through the lens of resource efficiency that new approaches and holistic packaging solutions will be developed.’ As a first initiative, the plastics packaging group will shortly announce details of a new collaboration with the European Plastics Converters and Plastics Recyclers associations.

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