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Recycling election campaign signs in Kansas

United States – Kansas-based Lane County Public Works’€™ Waste Management Division has revealed plans to recycle a large proportion of the political campaign signs left over from the election season – completely free of charge. The initiative to take back the plastic boards will run for a five-week period.

According to the US waste management authority, any political signs free of staples, tape and metal – as well as wooden posts – can be turned in at the Glenwood Central Receiving Station between now and December 8. Modern sign systems containing plastic film sleeves or paper pouches over a wire rack are also eligible for recycling.

All incoming material is to be treated by a local company that recycles ‘€˜a wide variety of plastics that are not recyclable through the standard curbside or transfer station programmes’€™, the waste management division has stated.

Sarah Grimm, Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist, says: ‘€˜We have collected campaign signs following elections for several years now and are delighted to report fewer and fewer are being discarded. Instead, people are reusing them for projects and a few local campaign offices are even collecting them from supporters to reuse for future campaigns.’€™

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