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Recycled plastics provide playful possibilities

United Kingdom – UK-based manufacturer Beacon Climbing Walls has designed a new product line for primary schools which is fun as well as sustainable.

Its new playground panels contain 100% recycled plastic bottles, carrier bags and film, supplied by recycler Centriforce. Made with a durable base, the rigid and rot-free panels have been transformed into low-level climbing tools specially developed for buildings with uneven surfaces. So far, two schools in Wales and one in London have been decorated externally with the colourful plastics.

‘€˜The Stokbord panels have provided a much-needed, low-cost solution to building climbing walls where school walls are not flat,’€™ states Beacon Director Gill Lovick. Working with recycled materials is ‘€˜a bonus’€™ as the material is both ‘€˜durable and offers value for money’€™, and would have otherwise ended up in landfill, she adds.

Although the HDPE and LDPE plastic panels have become a viable alternative to plywood in a range of uses, the UK plastics recycler hadn’€™t quite expected the product to fill such a niche. ‘€˜It’€™s always a pleasant surprise when Stokbord’€™s versatility finds another new application,’€™ notes Centriforce’€™s Managing Director Simon Carroll.

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