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Recycled plastic mosaic for disabled community

Slovenia – In order to help Slovenia’€™s disabled community, which purchases wheelchairs and other useful devices using funds gleaned from collecting and selling recyclable plastic packaging caps, leading recycler Interseroh Slovenia has created ‘€˜the world’€™s largest mosaic built entirely out of plastic waste’€™.

The eco-charity project, called ‘€˜Give a Cap’€™, involved exactly 500 000 beverage, yoghurt and milk caps; from these, some 120 volunteers built the ‘€˜boy in the wheelchair’€™ mosaic in just two days. Joining forces with several local and national charities, such as the Never Give Up society, the unveiling of the plastic artwork was celebrated as a large-scale humanitarian event at which any passers-by were asked to hand over a plastic cap as a symbolic entrance fee.

According to Interseroh, it took around 700 hours to complete the impressive mosaic, which comprised over 1.5 tons of bottle caps and covered some 600 m2. The recycler’€™s aim was to ‘€˜convince people that every single cap is precious for the disabled as well as the environment’€™.

For more information, visit: and to watch the mosaic being made cap by cap, visit:

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