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PVC recycling proposal vetoed by European Parliament

Europe – The European Parliament has rejected the European Commission’s plans to allow the recycling of PVC plastics containing the toxic chemical DEHP, Journal de l’Environnement has reported. The ‘hormone disrupter’ officially called Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate has been banned since February this year.

The European Commission had intended to authorise the recycling of old plastics containing DEHP in the manufacture of shoes and flooring, but the plan fell through with 603 votes against, 86 in favour and five abstentions.

It was ruled that producers had not provided enough proof that the socio-economic benefits of recycling would outweigh health risks. ‘It is not acceptable to tolerate potentially numerous cases of male infertility simply to allow soft PVC recyclers and downstream users to save costs in the production of low-value articles so as to compete with low-quality imports,’ was the verdict from Members of the European Parliament.

The Council of the EU is yet to make a final decision in late January regarding the Commission’s initial plan.

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