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Plastics recycling to become ‘an increasingly pressing issue’

Plastics recycling specialist CABKA Group of Germany is to open a 800 m² research centre in Valencia, Spain.

Located at the Technological Park in Paterna, a city on Spain’s east coast, the centre will pool the company’s resources in its efforts to develop new technologies for the future. The core topics for the innovation centre are product development and process automation, with a focus on material development.

CABKA uses recycled plastics from post-consumer packaging waste. The company says it is convinced that creative ways of using plastic waste will become ‘an increasingly pressing issue’ in the future.

It cites Germany, where approximately 60% of plastic waste comes from post-consumer packaging waste, to emphasise why innovation is so important. Turning this waste into raw material from which other high-quality products can be produced remains challenging. For example, it says that the global rate for recycling packaging foils is only 1.5%.

Optimising technology

‘The future lies in recycled materials and they still hold much unused potential,’ says CABKA’s chief operations officer Jörg Schuchalski. ‘To tap into this, we must constantly ask ourselves how we can optimise our current materials and process technologies but also how we can find new materials and fields of application.’

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