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Kick-off: the European Plastics Recycling Branch

The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) has launched a subdivision dedicated to plastics recycling. ‘This is an exciting moment for an industry challenged by both market  uncertainties and opportunities,’ comments EuRIC’s secretary general Emmanuel Katrakis.

The kick-off of the European Plastics Recycling Branch (EPRB) comes at a time when plastic is one of the priorities in Europe and around the globe. ‘Plastics recycling features a number of regulatory, technical and economic challenges which demands creation of a new division to properly address work already done for a long time by EuRIC,’ says Katrakis.

A major industry

EPRB members are national recycling federations, active in Europe and representing the interests of hundreds of small, medium and large companies involved in the collection, processing, recycling and trade of different streams of plastics from end-of-life vehicles, e-scrap and packaging. These companies provide thousands of jobs.

Founding Members of the European Plastics Recycling Branch include the BMRA, BVSE, COBEREC, DWMA, FEDEREC, FER, FNOI, FISE-UNICIRCULAR, MRF, SRI, VDM and the WKÖ-Sekundärrohstoffhandel, who have delegated experts from leading plastics recycling companies to EuRIC. EPRB executives will be elected among Members in the coming weeks.

Ease shipments

The newly founded industry body will monitor the implementation of the EU’s Plastics Strategy. Also, it aims to improve the interface between the EU’s waste and chemicals laws in order to provide plastic recyclers with the predictability needed to make long-time investments, ease shipments of plastic scrap and support ecodesign.

Plastics recycling will be one of the topics spotlighted at EuRIC’s annual conference on 13 March in Brussels, Belgium.

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