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Galloo’s recycling technology is big in Japan

Group Galloo Recycling’s subsidiary Ad Rem is building the ‘largest and most advanced plastic recycling facility’ in Japan.

The new facility will be able to process 40 000 tons of plastic scrap per year. This is hopes to help combat Japan’s increasing plastic pollution problem. The site will be operated by Planic, a joint venture between Toyota Tsusho, Veolia Japan and Kojima Sangyo.

Planic will handle automotive plastics as well as plastics from home appliances and packaging. The plant will be located in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It will be fully operational by mid-2021.

At the moment, most of Japan’s post-consumer plastics is incinerated, landfilled or sent overseas. The government has recently launched a dedicated recycling campaign to boost domestic recycling performance.  

AD Rem will rely on Galloo’s patented plastics separation technology for this major project. ‘Our recycled plastic meets all required standards as demanded by the car industry, automatically qualifying it for a wide array of other possible applications,’ Galloo says. ‘This is achieved for a cost that is lower than that of petroleum plastic production, provided the oil price remains higher than US$ 60 per barrel,’ the company adds.

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