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Plasmaq makes headway in film drying niche

Portugal – Portuguese manufacturer Plasmaq has debuted an innovative drying system for plastic film. Known as Plascompact, it is capable of handling film with moisture levels of up to 100%, yielding a moisture content ranging from 6% to 8% depending on the input.

Able to deal with between 800 kg and 1000 kg of plastic film per hour, the robust drying system is said to offer users 80% energy savings when compared to conventional alternatives because of its small 30 kW engine.

′This allows the Plascompact machine to reduce noise by up to 20 %, improving working conditions considerably,′ the manufacturer points out. Maintenance requirements are also claimed to be very low, with the Plascompact equipment designed to work non-stop.

Owing to its small dimensions, it can be easily added to existing systems at any plant. In business for some 30 years, Plasmaq also produces various types of shredder and granulator.

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