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Pilot flies ‘on wings of waste’

Australia/UK – English pilot Jeremy Roswell is to embark on a 10 000-mile adventure – flying all the way from Sydney to London supported by fuel derived entirely from waste plastics. The trip through the sky has been nicknamed ‘On Wings of Waste’ and is meant to underline the possibilities for sustainable flights.

The recycled fuel needed for the six-day journey will be provided by plastics-to-diesel specialist Cynar and its patented pyrolysis process. The mixed plastic feedstock is to be supplied to its Irish plant in Portlaoise by nearby businesses. Cynar estimates that around 5 tonnes of plastic will require conversion for the 4000 litres of fuel needed to power the Cessna 182 light aircraft.

Mr Roswell is hoping to set a record as the first-ever pilot to fly an aircraft using only synthetic fuel derived from end-of-life plastic waste biofuel. He has told ‘€˜Our objective is to prove that this synthetic fuel made from plastic waste is viable for a number of practical solutions and by doing so replace the need to use fossil fuels from conventional sources.’€™

According to the experienced pilot, aviation is the optimal way to showcase the potential in this area. ‘€˜Aviation leads technology in many instances; why not do it once again with this fuel? If this plan works, it would solve some major environmental problems all at once,’€™ says Mr Roswell.
The Cessna will start its historic journey in Sydney and is scheduled to make stops at Darwin, Christmas Island, Sri Lanka, Oman, Jordan and Malta before reaching its final destination of London. All airports along the way will carry supplies of the Cynar-made fuel.

Having already undergone successful tests in cars, the fuel is now being trialled to ensure it will work just as well in aeroplanes. Since the ′weather window′ during the coming months is forecast to be the most ideal, the Cessna is likely to start its journey around October 2012.

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