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PET to PET adds bottle sorting capacity

Austria – Austrian bottle recycler PET to PET has invested more than half a million Euro in further upgrading and expanding its facility at Müllendorf. The move is a response to higher bottle recycling rates in Austria.

PET to PET is jointly owned by five Austrian drinks producers and started up in 2007. An initial expansion programme last year saw the addition of a granulating plant, which is capable of producing PET flakes and granules. This latest expansion at the Müllendorf facility introduces a new bottle sorting line worth Euro 550 000.

On an annual basis, PET to PET processes around 570 million PET bottles, weighing around 20 000 tonnes in total. These are drawn mainly from the Austrian market where some 82% of bottles are collected. In the production of new bottles, virgin plastic resin is mixed with up to 50% recycled plastic.

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