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PepsiCo ‘Dream Machines’ net millions of bottles

United States – Ever since the start-up of the PepsiCo Inc. recycling initiative two years ago, its so-called ‘€˜Dream Machines’€™ placed all across America have been responsible for the collection of 94 million plastic and aluminium beverage bottles.

The initiative supports the major drinks manufacturer’€™s objectives of increasing the US beverage container recycling rate to 50% by 2018 and of helping establish a closed-loop system to capture more recycled plastic for new bottles.

In order to reach this goal, 4000 custom recycling bins and reverse-vending kiosks – all painted Pepsi blue – have been installed in 40 states – mostly at much-frequented locations such as colleges and universities, office buildings, gas stations, grocery stores and sports stadia.

With each bottle or can recycled at the automated kiosks, the consumer is issued special reward points for discounts on, for example, entertainment and travel which can be redeemed on-line.

According to PepsiCo, the two-year-old recycling project has quickly gained in popularity, with over 900 schools and 400 000 students actively participating in the scheme. But while ‘€˜proud of the progress made since the launch of the programme’€™, the company recognises that ‘€˜the job has only just begun’€™.


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