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Panama builds village from 1 million-plus plastic bottles

Panama – An eco-residential community consisting of between 90 and 120 homes, and made entirely out of plastic bottles, is being built in Panama. Every home incorporates between 10 000 and 25 000 used plastic bottles.

According to the project’s website, a person born after 1978 who lives to be 80 years of age will leave behind a minimum of 14 000 plastic bottles. The site also states that a two-storey plastic bottle house of 100 square metres or 1000 square feet per floor can be built reusing 14 000 plastic bottles, thus ‘neutralising the negative effect of your passage on this planet’.

The bottles also serve as an insulation agent within the concrete walls, resulting in an interior temperature that is 17 degC cooler than the exterior, and in turn making the homes energy-saving. The structure is also said to be earthquake-resistant as the panels flex slightly and release energy.

Over the three phases of development, the village will consist of around 120 homes per lot, a small boutique and an eco-lodge that will mesh with a fruit, vegetable and herb garden for the community. Phase one began in late 2015 with the construction of the community’s first single-storey, two-bedroom house. Work on the project’s second model home commenced in early 2016.

Sale of homes in phase one has already begun and 36 natural lots are left.

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