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New York restaurants battle proposed EPS ban

United States – Hundreds of restaurant owners in New York City are mobilising against mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging.

In June, the ban was formally submitted to New York’s city council where it stands a chance of being passed, some reports suggest. According to Restaurant Action Alliance NYC, however, a growing number of foodservice operators have pressed leaders to shoot down the regulatory action and instead focus on ways to improve EPS recycling.

Restaurant owners are opposing the ban mainly on financial grounds. The restaurant group points to a recent study finding that for every dollar spent on EPS products, restaurants will have to spend at least US$ 1.94 on replacements. In addition, restaurant owners say replacement materials may fail to insulate as well as EPS containers.

Restaurant Action Alliance reckons more than 1000 local business owners have contacted the city council to voice their opposition to the ban. The EPS action is one of a handful of waste-related efforts made by the Bloomberg administration in recent months. The mayor has also expanded compost collections and launched a ‘Recycle Everything’ campaign to help the city continue to boost recycling rates.

Source: Resource Recycling

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