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New plastics recycling plant to boost Interseroh’s service

Slovenia – Interseroh, a subsidiary of German recycling major ALBA, has opened a new plastics recycling facility at Maribor in Slovenia. Hailed as ‘the new centre of expertise of Interseroh’, the plant is to bring the company’s plastics processing research and development activities under one roof.

‘At our new location, we can service all of our customers’ requirements surrounding the production of modern plastics recycling,’ comments Dr Manica Ulcnik-Krump, manager of research and development Recycled-Resource at Interseroh. ‘This facility allows us to achieve a greater degree of flexibility and independence in product manufacturing, while for the customers, the periods of development are significantly reduced.’

The Maribor location provides ‘the optimum logistics coverage’ for both the German market and the entire Eastern European market, according to the company. Interseroh claims to be a frontrunner in innovative plastics recycling. Over the course of long-standing research and development work, the company has created a ‘ground-breaking’ upcycling process for plastic waste from Germany’s Duales system collections, named Recycled-Resource.

Comprehensive, high-tech sorting of the plastic waste is followed by recompounding, encompassing the extrusion, restabilising and reconstruction of the molecular structure as well as chemical modification with addition of additives in order to achieve the precise plastic characteristics required by the customer. The end result is ‘high-quality’, customised plastic granulates, including the recyclate Recythen, which is ‘especially suitable’ for the production of technical items, films or pipelines.

The opening of Interseroh’s Maribor facility took place in the presence of the Slovenian minister for education, science and sport Maja Makovec Brenčič, the general director of internationalisation of the Slovenian ministry Eva Å travs Podlogar and the chairman of ALBA Group’s board of directors Dr Axel Schweitzer, as well as several guests from the worlds of politics, business and science.

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