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New plastics processing plant for UAE

United Arab Emirates – The scheduled opening of a plastics processing plant in Al Ain next year will bridge an important gap in the way the United Arab Emirates’ recycling market operates, according to experts.

The project was developed by the Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi and private company Emirates Environmental Technology, which also manages existing waste facilities in Al Ain on behalf of the centre. The new plant will boast two production lines, each capable of processing 25 tonnes of material per day. The focus will be on: plastic film such as that used to make bags; and high-density polyethylene used in making items such as shampoo bottles. ‘The plastic recycling plant is a natural step in further improving the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling in Al Ain,’ explains Project Manager Robin Dawson. ‘This means that unnecessary transportation is minimised or eliminated completely, massively reducing the environmental impact of the recycling process.’ Work will begin soon on the facility which will be located next to a processing plant which daily receives up to 900 tonnes of mixed waste from Al Ain’s households. Except for steel which is separated by magnet, all other recyclable materials are picked out manually.

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