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Music and recycling in harmony

The Netherlands – Alumni from the Netherlands-based Technical University of Delft have shown that music and recycling can be very much in tune.

The group unveiled a hand-operated recycling installation at the nation’€™s Lowlands music festival to promote the recycling of bioplastics and the process behind it all. The recycling machine is part of the university’€™s Perpetual Plastics Project (PPP) and consists of a do-it-yourself washing, drying, shredding, extruding and 3-D printing line.

Fed with the 20 000 visitors’€™ polylactic acid (PLA) drinks cups, it yielded string-like bioplastic material which was then converted into fun accessories ranging from seal rings and iPhone cases to bath ducks.

‘€˜The installation is as accessible and transparent as possible,’€™ the PPP group states, noting that the interactive approach supported by a ‘€˜tangible souvenir’€™ ensures the visitor will remember the process and will have ‘€˜an emotional bond’€™ with his or her own recycled product. The machine proved to be a talking point at the festival and has subsequently been taken to numerous other events across the country by the Delft alumni.

‘€˜This initiative demonstrates in a tangible, understandable way just how easily PLA can be recycled,’€™ remarks François de Bie, Marketing Director at Purac Bio-plastics – the project’€™s sponsor. Although PLA is still a relatively new material to the plastics industry, it promises to become widely used across a broad range of applications.

‘€˜Thanks to the Perpetual Plastics Project, we can show people at events and festivals what can ultimately be achieved on a much larger scale,’€™ he adds.

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