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Multi-million rPET investment for Hungary

Hungary – PET recycling company Recy-Pet Hungaria has invested around Euro 8.8 million in its new research and development centre at the Karcag Industrial Park in central Hungary, for which it received a support grant of more than Euro 6 million from the EU. The centre is expected to create around 70 jobs.

The 2638-square-metre site is located near the company’s recovery and recycling operations for post-consumer PET bottles. Recy-Pet’s new bottle-to-bottle recycling facility includes a PET bottle waste recycling line capable of processing up to 8000 tonnes of granulate per year at a rate of roughly one tonne per hour.

Company ceo Tibor Nagy hopes this major investment will help improve the level of packaging reclamation in Hungary. The country produces an estimated 1.6 billion waste PET bottles a year, of which only 20% are recycled.

The R&D centre will also provide a research location for higher education students conducting research into the ‘interdisciplinary modal points’ of the food and waste management industries. An agreement has already been signed with Budapest University of Technology’s polymer engineering department.

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