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Multi-million plastics recycling centre coming to Indiana

United States – US firm GEP Fuel & Energy Indiana has announced it will start construction of a multi-million recycling centre next year that will process 1500 tons of recycled plastics ‘€“ mainly from automobile shredders ‘€“ every day.

The Indiana project is being supported by the Indiana Economic Development Corp., a state agency that’s promised up to US$ 2 million in conditional tax credits that will be based on the number of jobs created.

GEP Fuel & Energy Indiana expects the new 450 000-square-foot site will create 256 new jobs by 2020. It is added that the project includes a US$ 100 million recycling centre near Camden in Carroll County.

Another US$ 200 million will be spent on a plastics-to-diesel facility adjacent to the recycling plant. ‘We’re basically going to take end-of-life plastics,’ comments Steve Hogan, president of GEP Fuel & Energy. ‘The versatility of this technology is such that we can efficiently make high-quality fuel out of basically low-quality plastics.’

He adds that the recycling centre will will approximately accept 1 million tons of automotive shredder residue per year – with plastics making up some 83% of the material.

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