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Multi-million boost for British plastics-to-oil leader

United Kingdom – UK plastics processing pioneer Recycling Technologies has raised £5 million (US$ 6.6 million) in funding to expand its enterprises. The investment will be used to acquire new sites for its breakthrough chemical recycling machine which converts post-consumer plastics that cannot be recycled mechanically back into oil.

Recycling Technologies is currently operating the Swindon Material Recovery Facility, which relies on chemical technology to recycle plastic waste back into a valuable low sulphur hydrocarbon product called Plaxx. This serves as feedstock for new polymer and wax manufacturing, thus minimising incineration of usable materials and replacing fossil-fuel derived raw materials.

The patented process is said to boost the recycling rate for mixed plastics from 30% achieved with existing mechanical treatment, all the way up to 90%. This is made possible thanks to the chemical recycling unit called the RT7000, capable of treating 7000 tonnes of mixed plastics per annum from household and C&I streams.

According to the UK recycler, it is preparing for further trials at the end of the year to ramp up to ‘continuous 24/7 operations’. It adds that the RT7000 unit is ‘easily scalable’.

Something already on the calendar for next year is setting up several recycling facilities in Scotland to help the country meet its circular economy goals.

‘2017 has been a fantastic year for Recycling Technologies,’ comments Adrian Griffiths, ceo at Recycling Technologies. And he adds: ‘As a team, we’ve come a long way in a short period of time and I am very excited for what the future holds in Swindon, Scotland and as we expand in the UK and internationally.’

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