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Mondi’s stronger and lighter laminate ‘designed for recycling’

Austria – Mondi has developed a fully recyclable plastic laminate that is said to be ‘perfect’ for integration into existing recycling schemes. The new product, called BarrierPack Recyclable, comprises two layers of polyethylene film and is described as a ‘highly functional and flexible packaging material that is easy to open and close’.

Successfully tested by Dutch company CeDo Recycling, BarrierPack is said to be ‘designed for recycling’ while being ‘stronger, lighter and stiffer’ than PET and PE laminate, serving pre-made pouches and fill-seal roll stock.

‘Sustainable plastic packaging is evolving faster than the general understanding of the related materials and recycling issues,’ Mondi observes. ‘BarrierPack was developed in direct response to the need to reduce plastic waste without compromising on quality or functionality, and it supports the circular economy.’

According to the company, the new packaging solution guarantees performance properties equivalent to, if not better than, conventional materials.

‘The European Commission announced a strategy in January 2018 to ensure that all plastics packaging is recyclable by 2030; this innovation shows that flexible plastic packaging can become truly circular,’ declares Ton Emans, managing director of CeDo Recycling and president of Plastics Recyclers Europe. ‘Flexible material designed for recycling is key to enabling circularity to safeguard precious resources in Europe.’

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